Project Overview

VikingFront is a unique jewelry website that primarily focuses on Norse, Scandinavian, Viking Jewelry. The requirement was to build a viking style, high converting e-commerce website, and it was a wonderful experience building it. Additional services I provided were SEO Optimization, and Graphic Design.
UI/UX Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, On Site SEO Optimization, and Copywriting.

Our Solution

We structured a gradual content writing strategy involving viking history for the blog, pinterest style blog posts on one hand, and graphic design and structuring for success. From visually stunning showcasing of the already remarkable products, to banner creation, logical categories, and seo optimization.

The Result

Viking Front in the course of the last few years of us working alongside it has reached the top 3 in all of its desired ranking terms, and the site has turned beautiful and high converting, we’ve done continued on to work with new projects for the client as well as provide maintenance for the existing one.